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A note! I am playing her voice-wise very much from the original game. I like her Crisis Core personality only in what it meant for her character arc (as in, wow! Look at how much she went from this to that!) and as for her voice in Advent Children, though you can see clearly the voice difference, there's really not too much of it. And mostly? Mostly I am doing it because original game Aeris was the one I grew up with and was omega gay for and. I like it best. :(

THAT ALL BEING SAID, I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE, but here is my magical anon-enabled floating crit post. I loev Aeris possibly more than I have ever loeved a character in camp before I apped them. It's one of those "aaaaaaaah I am playing my hero!!!1" things. But Aeris is also very nuanced, and we've already had one super amazing Aeris in camp and I do not want to Do It Wrong. So if you see me doing things that make you :x :/ or even 8|a please feel free to gently nudge me or drop a question wondering about it. If you'd rather do this in private, you can also drop me a line at true.wutai.style at gmail.
[Did you have strange dreams last night? Wandering though a forest that wouldn't end, a girl saying her goodbyes.

Well, either way there seem to be some commotion today at the Chocobo stables. Several are hitched together to form a team, which is hauling a wagon. The girl checks the saddlebags on her yellow.]

Well, that's just about everything, I think. Are you excited, Broom?

((Dropping post for Aeris and Zack. Open until attention spans wane.))


[SOMEWHERE, in a forest . . .]



Now that schedules have settled, I kind of have a better idea about how my job is effecting my RPage and that answer is: not awesomely.Read more...Collapse )

[IC, backdated a bit]

[Sometimes, when you get jumped by crazy people in the woods and they shoot you up with who-knows-what, it's not actually a concern and you can just continue about your day. And sometimes you have a Mary Sue coughing fit while trying to deadhead your lilies and collapse face-first in the dirt.]

[Today, it is the latter case.]





All FFVII Characters Are Damaged Goods: Flower Girl Edition

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OK, my twenty-three wishes. You did ask me to write them down, and since I'm writing to you a lot these days, I might as well spell it out, right? But then, when I started writing them, I started thinking more. And when I thought too much, I guess they might have gotten a little bigger than tiny. That's what you get! Anyway, I still kept it at twenty-three. It wouldn't be fair to up the number as well, right? Read more...Collapse )